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Jaison Oliyil

Jaison James Oliyil is an entrepreneur based in Dallas, Texas, United States of America. He is the owner and founder of several businesses in the United States of America including CyberSolve Information Technology, DroidEstates, and Hillpoint Homecare. He also founded Christian Daily in 2012, which had over 1.5 million Facebook followers. He possesses two master's degrees: an MBA and a master's degree in information technology from Kentucky in the United States of America. Jaison has been a part of the cryptocurrency sector for some years and is trusted by hundreds of industry professionals. He has several success stories with cryptocurrency to share with you.

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Cow Inu Website, Swap your CowInu from BSC
Binoy Jose

Binoy Jose is a Dallas based entrepreneur who owns and operates an IT Company (BizFirst), a Crypto Company (OperateCrypto), and a Digital Marketing Company (Qoboto). He has a Bachelor of Technology degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering. Binoy is also a passionate enterprise-scale software architect with Oracle and Microsoft certifications who has over 22 years of expertise in information technology. Binoy worked with many industry giants such as SallieMae, MetLife, Travelers, United Healthcare, Cognizant, and L&T Infotech. Binoy is also a stock market, cryptocurrency, real estate, and gold market enthusiast.

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Cow Inu Crew

Namitha Jos
Product Owner - Cow Inu

Namitha Jos is an enthusiastic and professional software engineer with over 10 years of experience in the industry. She has programming experience and database expertise. She played a key role in the development of Cow Inu and is the Product Owner of Cow Inu right now.

Gertrude Martin
An Assurance - Crypto Advisor

Gertrude Martin is a global consultant, trainer, and speaker specializing in project management, lean six sigma, blockchain technology, and cryptocurrency. She is also a highly accomplished accountant, global project manager, process improvement specialist, blockchain, and cryptocurrency expert with over 20 years of business experience in the public and private sectors. She now resides in Dallas, Texas.

Praveen Priyan
Blockchain Architect

Praveen Priyan is well-versed in the design and architecture of layered and cloud-based all-around software. He has worked in this sector for more than 12 years and has experience developing complicated applications and systems. He is a kind team player and a self-confident Cow Inu leader.

Manu Joseph

Manu is a software engineer at heart and has an uncanny ability for value-based marketing. He supervises Cow Inu's marketing initiatives and is currently the company's promotion manager. Manu is passionate about nature and farming and likes to be in touch with them.

Chris Farral
Infrastructure Engineer

Chris resides in the Dallas-DFW area, Texas, and has more than 5 years of IT infrastructure experience. He is responsible for Cow Inu and Proof of Protection's server provisioning, security, and infrastructure.

Nithya G
QA Engineer

Nithya is a skilled quality assurance engineer with a deep understanding of software testing. She contributes to the Proof of Protection project. She lives in the Dallas-DFW area, Texas.

Kumar S
Marketing Advisor

Kumar is a medical doctor with expertise in numerous domains of sales and marketing. He is committed to animal protection, human rights legislation, and social change, and is delighted to join the Cow Inu team.

Nghia Van
Marketing Advisor

My name is Van and I was born in VietNam. I pursued a Business Administration degree at the University of Manitoba, Canada. Currently, I am enrolled at George Grown College in Toronto, Canada. What I had studied at University helped me in expanding my understanding of business, especially Marketing. Now that I'm a student in Culinary Arts, I know how important it is to be environment and animal-friendly. Sustainability is important to me because it affects both our planet and our health. I believe that by making small changes in the way we eat, shop, and live, we can all make a difference.

Ajmal K
Crypto Programmer

Ajmal is a software engineer with experience in databases and related segments. He aspires to be a top-notch Crypto Programmer.

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